International Agencies

InternationalAs a firm with some of the best practices in the region we have gone a long way in inculcating values that are acceptable worldwide. This is as a result of being up to date with implementation of the most current standards in Audit and Accountancy.

This has meant our consultancy wing has grown tremendously to meet the needs of international agencies that are attracted to the country. From now and then we have partnered with other international consultants to deliver services to our client that is relevant to the current global trends and needs.

RUMA CPA's immense experience in the market and the region has equipped the staff with the necessary exposure required by a cross range of international agencies. The professionals working for the firm both permanent and associates are all experienced and have a successful track record in Auditing assignments both in Rwanda and internationally.


Banking and other Financial sectors

BankingNo industry worldwide has in the recent past been placed under scrutiny like the Financial Sector. Coming on the heels of the recent financial meltdown worldwide the Financial Sector presented new risks with high volatility in the market.

More pertinent questions being raised in this industry include governance, risk management and minimum disclosure within the banking and financial sector reporting. The same Financial Sector has had to deal with challenging regulated & unregulated, familiar & unfamiliar market environments.

RUMA CPA provides audit, accountancy, tax, advisory and management consultancy services in this industry.


Public Institutions

InstitutionsThese are the wheels of the engine that run the country. They are well structured to serve the diverse needs of the people. Being part of our clientele is a major milestone to our firm.

As we serve these institutions in areas of technical financial support and management advisory, we are proud to be contributing immensely to the economic growth of this nation.


Donor Funded Projects

DonorsThe process of rebuilding the country after the 1994 Genocide has been long. The country would not have achieved the Socio-Economic & Political development we are experiencing without the support of donors. Most of the projects have either been 100% donor funded or are partially donor supported.

Donor funded projects have been in the fields of Capacity building, Health improvement, Farming output improvement, Eradication of poverty, improvement of the education standards, Fighting illiteracy and many others.

From a strong experience of auditing most of the donor funded projects built over time, RUMA CPA has a pivotal role in partnering with the donors and in ensuring that funds are well used and projects well executed. Our role has been mainly in Audit, Training of staff and Advisory services in these donor funded projects.

We have gained fierce loyalty and client retention in this field through quality execution of assignments and production of accurate and precise Reports to the donors. As a local firm that has grown from within we understand the length and breadth of the country in terms of the people's needs and donor interest.

RUMA CPA is able to effectively determine and deal with the special requirements of an organization in the donor industry, as well as ensuring that the organization is complying with the applicable laws and regulations.


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