Manufacturing Industry

ManufacturingWith the recent downturn in the world economy the manufacturing industry has heavily been affected. The manufacturing industry in Rwanda is still young but its growth is steady. With the current influx of investors this sector's growth will push the country's economy upwards.

The challenges faced by players in this industry are similar i.e. the need for more power and skilled labor.

RUMA CPA looks forward to assisting our clientele in improving business performance through IT effectiveness, financial effectiveness and better governance. This is best done through provision of prudent management advisory and high quality assurance services.


Construction Industry

ConstructionThe Real Estate is alive and vibrant in Rwanda. The emerging challenge in the construction industry is to meet the changing policy and regulatory requirements to achieve real growth.

Our team of auditors has the industrial knowledge and capacities in understanding any construction business by providing quality service to enable any business compete effectively and meet its objectives.

Apart from helping our clients explore new opportunities in Real Estate in the country we give strategic advice in terms of financing in this industry.


Service Industry

ServiceThe Service industry produces services valuable to consumers as a final product or valuable to other service and goods producers as an intermediary input such as wholesale trade and accounting services.

Services industries are the largest component of the Rwandan economy in terms of number of businesses and employment. Service industry encompass the following activities in the Rwandan economy wholesale trade, retail trade, hotel services, media and telecommunication,, financial and insurance services, technical services, education and training, health care and social assistance, arts and recreation services and other services.

With the audit experience amassed over the years in the country we have nurtured some of the companies from young entities to now big corporate in the country giving our constant advice to their growth.


Technology, Media and Communication

TechnologyAs Rwanda looks forward to the Vision 2020 'Knowledge and technology Based' the importance of the technology industry to customers cannot be gainsaid since it is driven by innovation.

As Rwanda looks forward to be the ICT hub of the region the market needs to be developed through provision of the right information in order for the investors and other players to make important decisions.

We offer quality support in audit, accountancy, tax, advisory and management consultancy services to our clients to enable them respond to the agile market quickly enough


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